Saturday, November 27, 2010

Heard Around The House on Turkey Day

Ewwww, Mommy you stuck your hands up in the turkey's butt!!

Is it done yet??
(as the turkey is sitting raw on the counter)

Can we have pie now?


I'm not eating those gut things, you know!

Nowwww, can we have pie???

Can we make an Elmo craft (after watching the Macy's parade)?

That turkey looks goooooood!

That's my favorite smell in the whole world!

I'm borrrrrrrrreddddd Mom, why do we have to wait this long!!!

I been waitin' on pie all day momma!

Why do we have to make a wish?

I'm not eating turkey this year, cause I'm a vegetarian now!

Can I spend the night at my friend's house?

Mom, if I don't get to eat pie right now, I think I'm going to die!

Did you know that Zeus has his own toilet (liter box)?

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to your's!

Now, bring on Christmas.....
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