Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beef Stroganoff

I thought I'd post my recipe for anyone that's interested. I quadruple the sauce, because the noodles really soak it up. This recipe serves 16 (big family and all that). If you don't have a big family, then you can cut the recipe in half (which would still be doubling the sauce).


2 pounds of beef tenderloin steak or sirloin steak
8 TBS all purpose flour
2 16 ounce cartons of sour cream
8 tsps of beef bouillon granules (I use the cubes)
8 TBS of butter (divided)
1 tsp of pepper
2 cups of water
4 cups of fresh, sliced mushrooms
1 cup of chopped onion
2 cloves of garlic, minced
1 pkg of 12 oz noodles (cooked and drained)

Partially freeze the beef (It makes it easier to cut it). Slice the beef into bite size strips or pieces. Heat 4 TBS of butter in a skillet and add the beef.

While that's cooking, Combine flour, sour cream, beef granules, water and pepper. Whisk it until it's smooth. Set aside.

In another skillet or stock pot (which is what I use), heat the rest of the butter. Add the mushrooms, onions and garlic.

Cook until the onion is tender. When the beef is finished cooking, add it to the vegetables.

Then, add the sour cream mixture to the meat and vegetables.

Cook and stir until it's hot and bubbly. Cook and stir for another minute. Pour the mixture over the cooked noodles

And stir it all together....Yum!

Charlene's Beef Stroganoff


Sinful Southern Sweets said...

You're killing me this morning! I'm starving for this and its not even 6 am. Looks great!

Betsy ( said...

This looks so yummy! I love stroganoff. Thanks for the recipe.

What a beautiful family you have!!

I'm here from FF and Lady Bloggers.

Kat @ said...

Your blog is so informative and clever. Can't wait to try most of your recent posts. I intend to stop by again!
Our blogs are semi-similar; I'd love your feedback about mine, if you have a sec! Thanks!!