Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Braggin' on My Kids

After shelling out report card money to our kids, Rich and I are officially broke LOL!

The official lowdown was Amanda straight A's. Anthony all 100 percents in all of his classes (totally not kidding here, that's what he got). Sarah straight A's. Zachary All A's, and one B in Spelling. He's a terrible speller, because of his speech problems. We figured out that he is spelling the words as he sounds them out in his head, therefore spelling them wrong. But he did bring the grade up so that was great. Nicholas straight A's (he also brought up some of his grades).

Nathan of course isn't in school, but we didn't want him to feel left out while we were giving the other kids money so we made up a report card for him too. Rich said since I was his "teacher" I could grade him. We decided to list Baking, Arts and Crafts and Helping Mommy as his "classes". And wouldn't you know it....he got straight A's as well =)


Miranda said...

What an awesome Mom you are! Sounds like your kids are pretty awesome too - congrats on a job well done!

Unknown said...

behind every awesome mom is an even awesomer dad who makes it all possible