Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Sickies.....

I should be knocking on wood, or my head as Grandma Juliani always did when she said that phrase, because my kids have only been sick once so far this winter (even after having gone through the night with no heat in freezing temps). They have extremely strong immunities. I am the weak link in this house. I get sick quite a bit. Every year I get bronchitis, I suffer through sinus infections, name it.

I think I'm like this for two reasons...1. I work in a nursing home and there is always something going around in there. Despite religiously washing my hands, wearing gloves and slathering hand sanitizer on til my skin literally burns, I'm still a magnet for whatever ails those folks. And 2. I have asthma. My doctor actually at one point said that I have COPD (from the bronchitis and prolonged exposure from cigarettes---I have NEVER once smoked. My father did and Rich does). But then the doctor said it wasn't COPD, it was just REALLY BAD asthma. The kind that if I lost weight, still wouldn't go away. I also have hyperthyroidism. So I think my immunity system just takes a beating every year. Some people with asthma have problems in extreme heat...mine is more affected by the cold. When it's really cold outside, I can feel it go straight to my chest. I'm a bad girl too, because I add to my problems by not taking my meds regularly. I'm lucky I can remember my name half the time, let alone what medicine I have to take.

So, I count myself lucky that my kids don't ever really get sick. I can count one time so far this year that three out of the six kids had the stomach flu, the other three didn't get it. That's been the only thing that they runny noses, colds or coughs. It's been a pretty easy year.

But then again, after all the other problems they/we have faced over the years, I think we were due for a break. Meaning, Nicholas' health issues with his heart, kidneys, tonsils and adenoids. I think that right there added up to a life time of relief from the sickies, don't you?

This past week, I was so sick...spent two days with the stomach bug (ironically, well not so ironic, it happened right after having worked a few days before). Then right after dealing with my tummy issues, I ended up with a 2 day migraine. I get migraines every month, right when I'm about to begin my period. The migraine thing started around the time I got my tubes tied after giving birth to Nathan. I never really had that problem before. I guess you can chalk it up to getting older (?) I don't know. If I catch them coming I can prevent the migraines from getting too bad. But if I don't then I spend a day or two in agony, which is what happened. So then, why not just keep track of when I'm going to start? Because that's the other problem, since the tubal. My periods are so wacky. I can't time them. One month, I won't get one and the next I get two. It makes me nuts. I'm only 37 and I better not be going through the "change" at this age. I just better not! I'm really NOT ready for that blow in my life.

Now that you all know my little intimate crap, more info than you wanted, I'm sure. LOL! (And where I've been hiding for the past few days). I'll just continue to cross my fingers and knock on wood that my kids are healthy and pray that they stay that way. Believe me, I do enough whining of my own when I'm sick, I don't need theirs to add to it.
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