Friday, February 12, 2010

What To Do With Cabin Fevered Kids?

Take them to a McDonald's Play Place......

Nathan was being a big chicken. He was afraid to go past the second step of the ladder thing. I don't blame him, since I'm afraid of heights too.
My fat butt trying to show Nathan that it's actually fun and praying that I didn't get stuck. It didn't work though (well the praying did), because he still wouldn't go up [ Thanks Sarah for taking this embarrasing pic of me ]. I had to go up the tube thingy encouraging Nathan to go too. It took forever to get him up to the slide and then he didn't want to go down it, so I had to grab him and slide down with him on my lap....The stuff we do for our kids, huh? Then, of course he didn't want to go with anyone else but me. But finally his older siblings convinced him to go with them and then we couldn't stop him - He loved it!

Nathan is wayyyyy up there and smiling the whole time....gotta love it!
Their socks were absolutely disgusting by the time they were done.

I clipped all my coupons and organized them while they played LOL!

So proud of himself that he went all by himself that he did a little happy dance :D

Still Dancing......

Happy to report that it worked....the wiggles and energy was burned off (although I was surprised that none of them slept on the way home). I'm really hoping that when Monday comes, everything will get back to normal - especially hoping that school isn't cancelled again. A week is too long when they can't play outside all day like they can in the summer. So.....when's spring again?


starnes family said...

Isn't it funny how appealing McDonalds can become while you're stuck indoors?!

Emmy said...

Yeah! So nice when they realize they can do it and can do it on their own, or at least with their siblings helping them, that is a good day.

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

What a great way to burn some energy! It looks like it was a lot of fun!