Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Heart Sun Catchers (another craft project)

This was a little time consuming, especially with all the cutting, and it was the kind of cutting that Nathan couldn't help with.

I used paint sample chips (the kind you get from Lowe's or Home Depot), glue, thread, scissors and cellophane paper.

I put two back to back and cut out a heart shape. Then I cut another heart out of the middle, to make a heart shaped hole.

I took some red transparent plastic/cellophane paper and let Nathan glue the paper in between two matching heart cut outs.

After the glue dried, I trimmed the access paper off to make a sun catcher.

To make the hole at the top (I had to ask Rich about this, because I wasn't sure how I was going to make the hole), I used a block of wood, a hammer and an awl. I placed the heart on the wood and punched a hole through the heart with the awl and hammer.

We used white thread to string the hearts up around the room. The finished product turned out super cute. Nathan saw it and said "Oooh it's beautiful, Mommy!"
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