Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stupid Crap That Makes Me Nuts

People that wear shorts and t shirts in the middle of winter, with no coat. It's Pennsylvania people, not Florida! Go put some clothes on....and a coat!

People that walk on the wrong side of the street when it's dark outside. It's a basic rule that we all learned in elementary school....You walk FACING traffic...that way people driving cars can see you. It's even worse when you wear dark colored clothes and do it!

People who ask if my husband is "babysitting" the kids.......No, he's not babysitting, they're his kids too. It's not called babysitting when the kids are with me!

People who block the middle of the aisles in grocery stores and then look at you like you are annoying them, when you ask them to please let you through. Seriously folks, let's all play nice with each's not that hard to be polite!

People who let their kids run wild in stores. Hey, if I can manage to control 6 kids in a store...You can manage one! Yesterday, in Target this woman's kids were running up and down the aisles screaming their heads off and she wasn't anywhere near them. Then when she couldn't find her youngest child, she yelled at the oldest (who was probably 5) for not watching her little brother. I had to walk away or I was going to slap the idiot!

I realize we all have our days....but come on, use some common sense and don't blame your 5 year old when she's doing your job.

Climbing down from my soap box now.....Peace Out!


Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey said...

Oh, I get so annoyed about people asking if hubs is "babysitting".

Here is is driving your convertible without the roof in February just because the sun came out, idiots I tell ya.

Emmy said...

Hello lady in store, a 5-year-old is not the one responsible to watch a younger sibling!! Ughh parents like that just make me mad. It is one thing if the mom is trying and the kids are just having a melt down.. that happens to all of us, but her yelling at the 5 year-old for now watching, yeah I would have just had to walk away and bite my tongue really really hard.