Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sponge Painting

I cut heart shapes out of sponges. I did it by free hand, and afterwards I thought it would have been easier to draw an outline using a cookie cutter (Note to self, remember this for next time). And then let Nathan sponge paint. He also used a paint brush. This was a quick little project, since our day is rather busy, but it was enough to satisfy his creative side (he loves doing projects and asks everyday what we are making). Plus, he was able to create tons of pics with just a few different sized hearts (he made heart shaped snowmen and other things). We will definitely do this project another day. Happy painting!

The older kids came home from school and they painted too (Amanda, Sarah and Nicholas, that is). Amanda said that it was a cute project. Hey, if they all had fun, then that's good enough for me.....

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