Saturday, July 26, 2008

~Anthony Part Three~

As the oldest boy, Anthony looks after his younger siblings. Once when we were in Florida, the kids were playing at a playground a block from the house. Sarah got stung by a bee and couldn't walk. Anthony carried her all the way home. He will stick up for them if they are getting picked on as well. Anthony never starts fights, but he'll finish them if he has to.

When Anthony was in preschool there was a boy that kept picking on him. Anthony told the teacher, but she didn't stop the boy. Anthony would come home complaining about this boy, when I couldn't help him anymore Rich stepped in. He told Anthony you always give someone three chances and after that if they still pick on you then do what you have to. The first chance is walk away, the second chance you tell the teacher, the third chance you try to talk to the kid. Anthony tried all of these things and the kid kept picking at him, until Anthony decided that was it, chances over and punched the boy right in the nose.

He was called to theh principal's office twice for fighting and none of it was his fault. One time it was a kid twice his age and size, Anthony took him down and Rich had to go to the school. Once Rich explained that the kid was bigger, the principal didn't do anything to Anthony.

Anthony's blessing is strength. And he is strong. He doesn't have many fears. When he was about three, Rich was fixing the roof. After climbing unto the roof, he turned around and there was Anthony climbing to the top of the ladder. One day I was at work and Rich was watching Anthony. He heard all this hammering in the laundry room. When he walked into the room, there were over two dozen nails pounded into the floor. He looked up at Rich and said "I did it"

Anthony is also very intelligent. In elementary school, he was awarded the President's pin for excellent students, his name is also on the plaque for the principal's 4.0 club. In high school, he is a member of the Jr National Honor Society and on the Academic League. He also makes highest honors every nine weeks, since the fourth grade. We are very proud of him. He is turning into a wonderful young man.

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