Thursday, July 17, 2008

Boy this hits it home for me

On the right, towards the bottom there is a "Motivation for Moms" in a pink box. I have found this to be alittle inspirational. Little verses from the bible, little phrases or things that remind me of the kind of mom I want to be. This whole week the kids have been going to bible school. Well, yesterday they didn't go because I had to work and they had a baseball swimming bbq thing that Rich too them too. But since we went back to church, not a day goes by without someone asking if we're going to church on Sunday. And now that there is bible school, they ask about it daily as well. I'm glad I got them back in church and it's great seeing how excited they are about it. The fact that they love and want to go to church or bible school, or youth group makes me so happy.

Today this little sentence is featured in the little pink box: "Bring your children to church and help them seek out ways to get involved." It just seems to tie everything to together for me. God never stops sending those little messages that hit me in the head. And I'm glad he does!
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