Thursday, July 31, 2008

Check out my eye!

I have no idea what in the world I did, but my eye was itchy a few nights ago, so in my typical fashion I started digging at it and grinding it around. Then I noticed that I couldn't see very well out of that eye. It hurt like hell. It started watering and felt as though it was swelling up. And low and behold it did! And do you see how the eye itself is bulging out on the bottom (it looks like it has pus in it or something). Just totally weird!!

This is the same thing that happened a few weeks ago. I had written about being bitten by a mosquito or something. It went away the very next day. It went away the last time too. It's weird! I was thinking maybe I had pink eye or something like that. Does this look like pink eye? And if so, why does it go away and then come back a few weeks later.

I took pics so I can take them to my doctor and he can see what I'm talking about. I might just have to wait until it does it again and then go to the doctor, but it always seems to go away by the morning. It is just really weird!


~Momster said...

Totally looks like pink eye! Strange how you're swollen like that below your eye, though. Hmmmmm...any pink eye going round at your house at all this summer?

I'm itchin' for ya.

Sheri said...

Looks like pink eye to me too. It's contagious so that may be why it keeps coming back. Or.... you are very allergic to something. I'd go to the dr just to check..... don't want to mess with your eyes!!!!

Charlene said...

I AM allergic to the cat!! Which is why I can't stand being around it, and I'm fine with it as long as I don't touch him or he doesn't lay on my pillows or anything I sleep with. My guess is, if it's not pink eye, than its the stupid cat!!

~Momster said...

Oooooh, the cat! Yes, I know that one well. When we still had our cats, I had to:

1) Keep them off of my bed.

2) Wash my hands every time I pet one of them.

3) Try to avoid them, really.

Good luck. That's one situation that sucks big time. It took Ben's reaction to them for me to make the move to find them a new home. I have no regrets. At. All.

Charlene said...

My allergist said if I didn't want to get rid of the cat (too much mommy guilt) to do the things you mentioned. I didn't even know I was allergic, until I took our old cat to the vet and there was a dog. Our cat was freaking out and I had to hold her. When I left my eyes were itchy and watery, so I started rubbing them. And my whole face swelled up. It was terrible!