Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Can't wait til school starts....

This morning has got to be the worst. I wake up to screaming and fighting. Fighting over who gets to drink the last of the milk, who gets to watch tv on the big screen, who gets to play first on the game system. Screaming has become my new alarm clock. All I have to do is wait until someone starts screaming, then I know it's time to get up.

This always happens around this time of the summer. They run out of things to do and so they start to pick at each other. Like they are picking at old scabs, they find a weakness and then they start digging. I don't know why they do this, boredom perhaps? But I'm now ready for school to begin.

I get like this every year. Two months before school is over, I'm ready for it to end. Because I miss them, I get tired of the morning routine, I get tired of looking for shoes and backpacks at the last minute. So I get to the point where I just want them to be home and I don't have to deal with it anymore.

Then summer begins and we keep busy going to the pool, and baseball games. When baseball is over, suddenly the pool becomes boring too. And when the boredom sets in, they don't want to do anything. They don't want to help with their chores and I end up yelling at them to help. They make messes that they won't clean up. I have to continue to ask them for help, because they run and hide when they know I'm coming. It starts to grate on my nerves and that's when I start wishing for school to start. This want for school usually sets in about a month before school starts. Now that we have a little over a month left, I've been feeling the need to ship them off to school.

I guess I should have taken my mother up on her offer of keeping the kids for a week or so, huh? I guess it's not too late for that, I do have another month left for it.....
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