Tuesday, July 29, 2008

God's laughing, can you hear him?

Now that I told you all the wonderful things my children have done, let me share how rotten and annoying they have been. LOL!

Amanda ~ has been told more than twenty times to put her hair straightener away when she's done using it. She leaves it plugged in too. Do you know how hot that thing gets? Zach has burned his finger on it. Nathan wants to play with it. This will be the third time it's been taken off of her in six months.

I told her three days ago that if she didn't help and do the chores she was assigned to do than she would be grounded for a week. She ignored me. I told her if she didn't do it again, I'd make it two weeks. She still didn't do it. Today, I overheard her tell Anthony that I was mean and a bitch. Niccccee! She'll be lucky if she's not grounded until she graduates high school! And that's just a few things!

Anthony ~ has been stealing his dad's soda, drinking it and lying about it. The kids are only allowed either one can a day or they can share a 2 liter bottle at lunch. But he's been sneaking it.

I told him two weeks ago to mow the grass - still not done!

Sarah ~ has been whinning about everything. Although I really can't complain too much about her, she's the only one that's really been helping. And the only one so far that got her allowance money.

Zachary ~ has been sneaking soda too. It's not even for himself, he's been doing it for Anthony.

He has been listening to Anthony and Amanda so much, it's now at the point that if I ask him to do something and then Amanda or Anthony asks him to do something that he will listen to them first.

Nicholas ~ has been back talking!

He and Zachary have been fighting over everything.

Nathan ~ He's a cutie, but he's been a little stinker lately too.

I used to roll my eyes when my mother would say "I hope you have kids just like you one day." Well, now I've got six of them. Thanks mom! Oh and I've totally been saying it to my kids as well. The curse must go on.... I even add a little something to mine though. It goes alittle something like this, "I hope you have kids that act just like you one day and when they do and you call me and ask for help, I'm just going to laugh and laugh and laugh, until I can't laugh anymore! Hahahahahha, take that!
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