Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who's idea was that?

Next month, Amanda and Anthony will be going to band camp. Usually they hold it at a college about three or so hours away. I remember going there, lol. Yes, I was a band geek too. But to my defense, I faked my way through it. I'm pretty sure everyone knew too, but if they didn't - that's my little confession for the day. I hated band and only played flute or faked the flute for the band jacket, LOL! I thought it was a cool jacket and wanted one. I don't know what ever happened to it, I think I gave it away after I got married. This year, the band camp is being held at their high school.

When the kids were old enough to sign up for band, Amanda picked drums. And she loves it. Anthony picked the saxophone and I think he might be one of two or three boys out of 6 or 7 girls who play. Which is a pretty good ratio for a boy, don't you think? Although a long time ago, Anthony told me he didn't want a girlfriend because they were too expensive LOL! Hey kid, don't listen to your dad so much! Mom just has pretty expensive taste that's all.

So band camp is starting next month. But the percussion section has been having practice now. They are the beat of the band afterall and need to get their stuff in order. So Amanda has been bringing this drum home. She plays snare drum. Only wants to do snare too. Last year, she quit the band, because the band leader was going to make her do the bells and cymbals and she hates that.

Since she has been bringing home this drum and practicing, the twins and the little boys have made a little drum set. They got a bunch of rubbermaid storage boxes out of the garage and some other stuff, with Amanda's old drumsticks and they have been banging on those damn things for well over a week. I chased them outside with them yesterday. I mean, the neighbors might have wanted to listen to the concert, you know? They were out there banging on the box drums, whistling into a recorder and blowing into a horn thing. It was better than doing it in the family room, which thankfully is downstairs. I'm surprised I didn't get any calls from the neighbors.

Mrs. Yarish loves the kids though so that may be why. And Mrs. Smith just tolerates them, I think. Although she is always sneaking them candy and stuff LOL! So who really knows! But they sure did have fun, and I guess that's what counts. Well, that and the fact that it was outside, so much nicer on my ears.
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