Thursday, July 24, 2008

I think I'm more upset than he is

Zachary lost his Nintendo DS! For some reason, he put in on the bumper of my van. And left it there. Now, we live in a nice neighborhood and the houses aren't stacked on top of each other. Plus, our driveway is long, so I don't think anyone just walked up and stole it off my car. Which means I drove off with it when I took Amanda to drum practice this afternoon.

We looked and looked. I drove up and down the street, the same path that I took with Amanda. I'm sure if someone saw it, they took it. There were alot of kids outside today. Zachary and Sarah even asked a couple of neighbors if they happened to see it in their yards or driveways.

We do have one set of neighbors (one street over) who are sort of bad. Make that mean! They are always picking on other kids and stuff like that. I almost think that if they did it, then we would never see it again. Which is sad!

No one has seen it. I, as usual, feel horrible about it. I'm sure if Zachary sat and thought about it long enough he'd feel bad too. I told Rich and he doesn't seem to be that upset or mad either. I thought for sure he would be mad. Maybe he was too busy to think about it much either.

But the DS is gone!

I think I'm still holding out hope that I'll find it in the house. I hate when this kind of stuff happens!
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