Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bible School Program

The program was very nice. All the kids sang. I couldn't get very good pics because I sat in the back and I'm kind of too shy to walk around taking them, so I took what I could. Plus, the older boys for some reason were behind the podium so all I could get was the tops of their heads or blurs. All week the kids had this contest where they had to collect pennies. It was boys versus girls and whoever won got first crack at torturing our preacher. Who is a dear friend of ours and his name is Rich too.

The pennies were donated to a great cause and this year I think they were sending the money (after it was exchanged, I mean what would they do with a bunch of pennies) to help support our troops. Who would ever think they would gather that many, but I think the grand total was over $800. And the boys won!

This year's torture fest was a dunk tank. Everyone had a blast and don't let Rich (the preacher) fool you, he loved it! When the kids missed they ran up and pushed the button anyway, he must have went in at least fifty times. He was the teens teacher this year and I think it was probably neat for Amanda and Anthony to see a different side of him. Everyday I heard all about how they would all torment each other with water balloon fights and shaving cream. It sounded like fun! I'm glad we decided to go back to church and I'm sure the kids are as well.

This is Nicholas, in the purple looking shirt in the middle

Sarah in pink

The top of Zach's head, plus our preacher

Amanda in the green all the way on the right

Anthony is in this group somewhere

The entire teen class
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