Saturday, July 12, 2008

How many messes can two little boys make?

Way to many for me this morning! I swear I have cleaned up about ten messes so far this morning. They have played in water, smashed freezer pops to make slushies, spilled milk on the floor, played with more water, dumped more milk on the floor, dumped out the toy boxes (which would have been okay, had they not been all over the hallway), smeared jelly and peanut butter all over themselves and the table. They have kept me quite busy all morning long, let me tell you.

I have to work afternoon shift today, so I'm trying to clean and get some laundry done before I leave.

I hate working! I really do, ever since I started working (and granted it's only part time) I have felt left out of all the fun stuff. Today my sister is having a party for my niece, she turned 16 last month. But I have to miss the party, because I'm working. It just irritates me. Hopefully, I can quit before too long. Ideally, I would like to go per diem (and only work one or two days a month) and work in the summer. Or maybe actually quit altogether and not work at all. I know I need to do something when school starts because last year, getting the kids up and doing their activities and making sure they got their homework done, was a nightmare. I know millions of other moms manage to do it, but it's not for me. Maybe when they are older, it won't be so hard.

Oh well, back to laundry and cleaning bathrooms and making sure little boys don't make any more major messes.
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