Sunday, July 27, 2008

~Nicholas Part Three~

Nicholas still struggles with life's obstacles being thrown at him. In August of 2007, he had to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. On his follow up appointment it was discovered that he had fluid in his left ear. He will need to have tubes put in his ears. I didn't mention his heart before, but he had a small hole in his heart when he was born as well. It was between the bottom two chmbers, it closed on its own. He hasn't had any problems with his heart or kidneys since then.

Through it all, Nicholas is a wonderful little boy. He brings such joy to me and Rich. He is thoughtful, kind and sweet. This year he will enter the first grade. He plays baseball (tee-ball) and loves to ride his bike. And boy does he ever love Scooby Doo. While he was hospitalized as a baby, he was given two stuffed animals. A dog we named Rags, and a bear we named Boo-Boo. They have gone on all of his journeys. When he had his recent surgery, the two animals went with him. The give him such comfort. He doesn't need them now as much as he used too, he gave them to Nathan. What a darling boy I have.

I can't wait to see this little boy grow up and what life holds for him. Nicholas will always be special to me as he is our little boo-boo boy. Long ago, when we were discussing his problems, I asked Rich what do we do with a hurt little boy and Rich said "you just love them more than anything." And we do!

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