Monday, July 21, 2008

Let's talk toilets

Do you think that six kids, ten toilets and 15 years is a good ratio? Through the years we had numerous things shoved down into the toilet. I have no idea what the fascination is with children and toilets, but let's face it - there is a fascination with them otherwise we wouldn't have had to replace so many of them over the years. At this point Rich (who can do most anything anyway) is pretty much an expert at putting toilets in and hooking them up.

Over the years of stopped up toilets we've found Barbie dolls, Little People people and animals, Matchbox cars, soap. Yep, soap! And believe me soap just doesn't dissolve when flushed down the toilet. Nope, it just sits there blocking everything trying to go down. Even Dora the Explorer decided to explore toilet drains in our house.

Our latest escapade had Anthony and I digging through the toilet, as Rich wasn't home. When we couldn't get it out, I called Rich. Having worked all morning, I was well, pooped so to speak and went to bed early. Which left Rich up cleaning out the toilet on his lonesome. He semi fixed it and decided he would fix the rest of it later. And would you believe after telling the kids not to use the toilet. To use another bathroom, those kids still ran in there and used it. Kids!

Come to find out through asking Nathan, that it was soap again. See Nicholas was using the bathroom and Nathan decided to watch. At some point he got mad at Nicholas and threw a bar of soap at him. It missed Nick and landed in the toilet. Nicholas said he wasn't getting that soap out after he just used the toilet so he did the sensible thing and flushed it.

And now you know why I titled this blog "adventures" in mommy land. Oven fires, stopped up toilets, cats smeared with peanut butter...... You sure you don't want half a dozen kids?!
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