Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Children

I'm stealing this idea from a few good friends that I met through the internet.

With Nathan's third birthday coming soon, I'm getting sentimental about my children. This always happens during special occasions (birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc). Somewhere in this house Rich has a book that he started writing called Letters To My Children. It's a beautiful book filled with how the children got their names, what he blessed them with, things he learned the hard way that he would like to spare the kids the hardship of going through themselves. It's not finished, I think he only has the four older kids, maybe Nicholas not sure. He still has to do Nathan's. But it's a beautiful tribute for our children when they get older.

If I find it, I might share a few passages from it, so you can see how wonderful it is. Until then, I thought I would share my feelings about the children individually. A little background on their births and just some general things. I'm might even make it into more than one post about each child, so I don't drag the whole thing out in one huge long post.

And hopefully if I time it right, I'll post about Nathan on his birthday. I know some people don't find these things as interesting as others. But since I started this blog as a way to remember all the things my children have done or said over the years, I'm posting these stories and feelings as well.
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