Tuesday, July 29, 2008

~Nathan Part Three~

Nathan is true to the meaning of his name.

Nathaniel means "gift from God". And Nathan really is a blessing that God gave us.
Marcus means "warlike". Which with three older brothers, he is holding his own as well as he can. Rich's only uncle is named Mark. And Rich has felt since our first child we should name a child by using his uncle's name. After Rich's father died, his uncle stepped in and helped keep an eye on his brother's only son. Uncle Mark still looks after Rich. He is like a mentor to Rich. So it only seemed fitting to name a child after him (or sort of after him).

Nathan is now three. I asked him this morning "Are you three now, Nathan?" and he said "Yep!"

He has been nothing but utter joy for this entire family. That simple. We all love and adore him and he is completely spoiled by all of us. God is Good, and for that I'm glad!

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