Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sarah's Day

The story behind Sarah's day, is that for Mother's Day the kids made their usual homemade school made gifts. Sarah's was ruined when Nathan found it and played with it. Rich told her he would take her to buy something for me, but never had the time. On Mother's Day, Rich had Sarah make me a card and he gave her $20 to put in it and had her say that it was for her and I to go the movies together. I had planned to take her around that time, but with work being crazy and things out of control at home, we never used it. Finally, in June when things slowed down after baseball season I told her we could go to the movies and use her money. But there wasn't anything really good playing. A few weeks ago, we found out that there was an American Girl Doll movie coming out on July 2. Sarah decided that was the movie she wanted to see. And it looked like something I would like to see as well.

Today, Sarah and I finally got to use my Mother's Day present. We went to see Kit Kittredge. It was a really good movie. I actually thought my whole family would like it. It's definitely something I would buy on DVD when it comes out. It had a very good storyline. It almost made me cry in a few places. It was funny and entertaining. If I were a movie critic, I would give it two thumbs up.

Something kind of funny happened afterwards. We went to the restroom and while we were washing our hands and leaving the restroom, I saw a woman with toilet paper stuck in the back of her pants. It looked so staged! I never actually someone do that before so I was in, I guess you could call it shock. LOL! I just couldn't open my mouth to say anything to her. If it wasn't intentional then I surely hope someone said something to her. LOL! Still laughing! But come on really, she even looked in the mirror. She had to know. LOL!

We walked around the mall awhile, then went to McDonald's. I had a really nice time. On the way home, Sarah thought she lost her DS (Nintendo DS). She thought she put it in the glove box of the van, but it wasn't there. After frantically looking for it, I finally pulled the car over and we searched the whole car. I found it in the center divider. She forgot she put it in there. I was almost as panicked as she was.

All in all I really think she enjoyed herself. And I realize I don't spend enough time doing individual things with my children, there never seems to be enough time. I mean I do try to take a few of them with me on errands and such. Even though most of the time I just want to go by myself and get things done faster. But after seeing her reaction and really getting to spend quality time with her, I think I will definitely have to take more time and plan things like this with all the children. Did I mention how much fun I had?
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