Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oh what a great day I'm having!!

I'm trying to get some things done, because I have to work this afternoon. During all my cleaning efforts, the boys have tried their darnedest to make it harder on me. I tried to wake Amanda up for hours, Anthony was holed up in his bedroom playing on his laptop. Zachary spent to night at a friends house. I'm having a really bad day. And as much as I hate going to work, I think it might be a really nice break away from the mess and noise.

Earlier this morning, I hear Nicholas say "oh crap, you're in trouble now Nathan" and then "Hey mommmmy, Nathan broke your mug! My one and only mug that I liked because it was so deep and big. Not to mention it had my name on it. My mother brought it back from her trip to NASA when she went to Florida on her honeymoon. Do you know how hard it is to find anything that has the name Charlene on it? When I was a little girl and personalized things was a big trend, I was probably the only one out of all my friends that didn't have anything. I know, it's stupid to think of that now, but when you're ten, it's a big deal, LOL! Am I still bitter, hmm, I don't know, but I'm upset that my favorite mug was broken.

Then to really make it a great day (insert sarcasm here) Nathan found the key to my jewelry box, took out all my rings and then tangled up my emerald necklace. That was fun, going on a scavenger hunt for all my rings! Let me tell ya! Talk about panic attacks!!

On top of all that, I have heard non stop screaming all morning. Anthony was picking on Sarah and turned her tv show off, this was at noon and do you know at ten till 1 she is still screaming over it? Yeah, she's ten!

Who's idea was it to have such a big family? Uh, oh yeah - it was me! LOL!!!

At least when I get home from work tonight, and I'm tired as all get out, and my muscles will be achy and my feet throbbing, I will be able to sit on the couch without two little boys trying to sit on my lap. And it will be quiet because all the kids will be sleeping, so no fighting over who watches what on tv, even though we have six tvs in this house.

What a great day!!
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