Friday, July 18, 2008

Wanna see something funny?

The music memories post, had me flipping through old pictures of me and my family.

Here are some funny, old pics of me (and yes the hair is hilarious, so go ahead and laugh). What's really funny is I thought I looked pretty cute back in the day LOL! I'll add some of the kids in their early years, after bible school.

This is me and my twin Charlie (we were around 18) with our maternal grandmother

Me with Jimmy (my younger brother in the background) I was around 18 and he was 13.

Me with my nephew Corey, when he was a little baby - he's 18 now!

Me going to the Cinderella Ball (in the 11th grade)

The next three are my high school graduation pictures (not the ones used in the yearbook, just ones to give out to friends and family).

Me, my senior year of high school

Me, during my brief college stint

Me again in college
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