Sunday, July 27, 2008

~The Twins Part Three~

Through the years, I have kept Sarah and Zachary in the same classroom. Zachary has some speech problems and I thought where he lacked in communications skills, Sarah could be his crutch. They really do depend on each other. I often find them sitting together on the couch watching a tv show, hanging out with each other. They both play baseball. Most girls Sarah's age switch to softball, not Sarah because she likes being with her brother. When they were infants, they slept in the same bassinet and then the same crib. I would put them on different sides of the crib and every morning they would be laying on top of each other. So it's neat to see that they still cling to that togetherness.

This is where I will separate them, so that I can focus on them individually.

Sarah ~ is a fun loving girl. She has the best giggles! And she loves to talk. She was the clingiest little girl. I couldn't even go out to the mailbox, without Sarah flipping out. She cried a LOT when she was a little baby.

Sarah, is a very good student (mostly A's, some B's). She loves to play sports (baseball, basketball, soccer), she is definitely a tomboy. And this was the little girl who pranced around on her toes and hated to be dirty as a toddler. She was in the chorus, last year. Sarah loves to dance! She will turn on tune disney and dance around in the living room. Sarah is just a bundle of energy bursting at the seams.

Zachary ~ is a good student. He does get lazy with his homework, plus he really struggles with spelling. At first I thought it was because he wasn't studying enough, but I think his speech problems are hindering his spelling abilities. He loves to play baseball and basketball.

He does seem to be a little accident prone. When he was about six years old, he fell off the swingset and broke his arm. Not in one place, but three. He broke his wrist, his elbow and a part bone between the elbow and shoulder. We had to take him to Children's hospital to a pediatric specialist. They had to put him under, to reset his arm. He had a cast the entire summer. Last year, on Halloween he cracked his head open and needed stitches.

Sometimes, I feel as though I neglect Zach, because of his younger brothers. It's so hard to find a balance. I've been trying to make a better effort at spending time with him.

Its been alot of fun having twins. As they say, twice the fun! I hope they continue to light up my life the way they have so far. They are growing up so fast...

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