Monday, July 14, 2008

Music Memories

I love music! I will listen to most anything, except maybe rap. I can't talk/sing fast enough to the music so it's no fun for me. And I love to sing! I used to think I wasn't a bad singer. I would belt tunes out in the shower, in the car, at home. I once thought I wanted to be a singer (dreams of a kid, huh). I would sit in my car at stoplights and sing as loud as I could, because in my dreams, there might have been a producer who was listening. Funny, huh? I was in the chorus while in school, I sang in church, I even had little solo bits here and there. And to me, it was wonderful.

Somewhere along the line, someone (a friend, I don't know) told me I sucked. And that took the fun out of it. From that point on, I thought I did suck, that I couldn't sing and I sounded terrible. I would go to church and be afraid to sing the hymns loud enough for people to hear. I would mouth the words and pray no one heard my awful voice. I would still sing lullabies to my children, but in the back of my mind I would think it sounded horrible. But you know what, I don't care anymore. If I want to sing, I'm going to sing and I don't care how bad or good I might sound.

Like I said I will listen to almost anything, country; 80's music; christian, rock, r & b; anything. I think I love country because the song always tells a story. I remember being a little girl and listening to the Oak Ridge Boys on the Barbara Mandrel Show and thinking Barbara and her sisters were so pretty and wishing I could be like them. I loved that tv show! I used to listen to my mom's old albums. I remember Alabama and a few gospel groups she had. I loved listening to them. Christian because it's inspirational. Rock because I loved the beat, the guitar solos and rifts. 80's music because, I grew up in the 80's. I loved all the hair bands (White Snake, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard) of those days. I still have pictures of me somewhere with ripped up jeans and hair a mile long and teased to sky. Man, I was stylin' LOL!

I also remember when I was around ten or so and my older sister (who reads this sometimes, so sorry Jodi!!!) who was five years older than me and the coolest thing ever in my eyes. Had an eight track player, how I would sneak and listen to it when she wasn't home. She had some cool rock and pop bands. I remember looking at the Village People and thinking what in the world, but not caring how they dressed or looked because I loved their music.

When I was a teenager, I loved to lip sync songs and make up dances to go with it. Charlie (my twin), Kim (my best friend growing up) and I won first or second place lip syncing and dancing to Rockin' Robin by Bobby Day at an oldies lip sync party with our church youth group. We were called Charlie and the chicks, get it? lol.

Later, I won first place doing Love is Strange (from Dirty Dancing).

[SILVIA:]Yes Mickey?
[MICKEY:]How do you call your loverboy?
[SILVIA:]Come 'ere loverboy!!
[MICKEY:]And if he doesnt answer?
[SILVIA:]Ohh loverboy!
[MICKEY:]And if he STILL doesnt answer?
[SILVIA:]I simply say Baby, Oohh baby My sweet baby You're the one...

At another youth group party. I did it by myself, complete with crawling on the floor like they did in the movie. The stupid stuff I did and remember huh?

So in remembrance of my love of music, I added some tunes to my blog. I added some of my favorites (some of them older songs) by some of my all time favorite artists. I tried to keep it light, don't want to rock my blog off the web, LOL! Maybe one day, I'll add some of the punk and rock stuff I like too. Until then, enjoy....
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