Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Pool Party

The kids were invited to a pool party this evening. They had alot of fun! Nathan and Nicholas started out in the kiddie pool. Nathan wanted to go down the little slide in the kiddie pool. When he landed in the water, it freaked him out. So Sarah came over and played with him and Nicholas. She wanted to take him to the shallow end of the bigger pool. This time it was my time to freak out. I can't swim and I haven't gone in a pool or any type of water in years. Amanda and Anthony can swim, but the other kids aren't great swimmers, so it makes me nervous when they are in the pool. But all the kids took turns playing with Nathan. Nicholas did really well in the shallow end.

They were happy they got to swim. Nathan started to get cold, so I took him out and changed him and gave him a snack. The poor kid was shivering so bad. After they were done swimming they wanted to go to the playground. So I took them there (only a few pics came out from that adventure). Later, Amanda asked if we could go to the Dairy Queen, she would pay. Her little summer job is paying off and she always did like buying things for her little siblings. It was a really nice day!

The kids swimming and playing in the pool

Nicholas trying to splash me

Amanda with Nathan

Zach jumping in the pool (navy and red swim trunks)

Nicholas sliding down the slide


Nathan in the kiddie pool

Sarah in the kiddie pool with Nathan

Nathan eating a snack after he was done swimming

Nathan playing at the playground when they were done swimming

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