Friday, August 01, 2008

My poor little guy

A few days ago, Nathan started screaming that he was in pain. I had to carry him around, because if I put him down he freaked out and his legs would buckle under him. Rich thought maybe Nathan was playing me. You know I am a big sucker when it comes to my kids. But then Nathan kept screaming and Rich thought maybe it was his mouth that was hurting (because he has some cavities). I called the dentist and made an appointment. When we were at the dentist, we didn't want to walk, and when he did, he limped.

Then Rich had a doctor appointment which I had to go to with him. We took Nathan with us. When we first got there, Nathan wanted to crawl around on the floor or sit on the stroller. After we were there for awhile (we're talking over 3 hours), Nathan did start walking around, but again it was with a limp. When we got home he spent most of the day laying around and crawling. So I called the doctor and set up an appointment for this morning.

At the doctor's office, he walked around alittle, but more limping. He also crawled and kneeled down. The doctor came in and saw that Nathan was limping. He asked a bunch of questions (when did this start, did he hurt himself somehow, is it worse in the morning, did he have a fever recently, has he been sick, etc.). I told him it did seem to be worse in the morning, because he crawls around in the morning, but by evening he starts limping. The doctor also checked the foot that Nathan said hurt and his hips. He said it was probably transient synovitis and gave us slips to have Nathan's hip and foot x-rayed and have some blood work done.

Nathan was so good at the hospital. I was very pleased with his behavior. He did everything the technicians told him too, and he only said "Owwww" when he got the blood work done. I took him to McDonald's because he was good. About an hour after we got home, the doctor called and told us the tests results were normal. He said he's probably fine and will probably start walking normally again, but he does want us to see him again in a week just to check and make sure everything is okay.

He's fine, but I'm a nervous wreck! Honestly I try so hard to stay calm, but when it comes to my children I get so worried over everything, I just can't help it. My husband's grandmother once said that worrying just means you care. God, I hope she's right.
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