Friday, August 08, 2008

13 Fun & Quirky Things About Me

In a now deleted post (haha) I said I was going to play along and name some fun facts about myself. A few bloggy friends have been doing this and it looked like fun. But it is super hard to do.

The rules are simple. First you give credit to the person you got this from (sort of like a tag back, but different). Secondly, you name 13 fun and weird facts about yourself. Last, You invite people to play along and ask them to leave you a comment, so you can go to their site and read their list.

I got this from a friend, Momster ( - sorry but I can't figure out how post a link without copy/pasting). I met her about 6 or 7 years ago on a message board for stay at home moms and have kept in touch through the years. We actually live about 3 or so hours from each other and had planned to meet up once. I think we will eventually get to meet each other.

13 Fun And Quirky Things About Me

1. I read magazines backwards from the back cover to the front cover.

2. When I read a book, I always peek and read the ending. I know, it takes the fun and mystery out of it, but I can't help myself. I am THAT curious and want to know if it will be a happy ending or who the killer is. Does it effect whether I finish reading the book? Sometimes. I do this with movies too. If I can fast forward and I'm alone, I will.

3. I have a love/hate relationship with surprises. I love the mystery behind surprises. But I have to snoop and find out what it is. And often, I get mad at myself and disappointed for not waiting.

4. I can not stand going to flea markets and thrift stores. They always seem so unorganized to me and I never seem to find anything I like, so I don't like going to them.

5. I am addicted to caffeine. Soda, coffee, you name it I will drink it.

6. I can not, however drink orange, red or grape soda. In the first place they are way to sweet for me. Secondly, when I drink orange it gives me flashbacks to having to do those "sugar" tests they do when you're pregnant to check for gestional diabetes. Nasty!

7. I laugh when I'm nervous.

8. I laugh when some people get hurt. Never at the serious stuff. But the stupid, trip and fall things, I will laugh my butt off. My brothers do this too. I know we are sick, sick people. LOL! I'll give you an example so you know what I'm referring to. One time when I was around 12, my twin brother, my best friend and I were walking down this old gravel road. Charlie and I saw this old chain rope strung across the road, so we stepped over it. Kim didn't see it for some reason and tripped on it. When she did, she did this flip flop kind of thing over it and it was hilarious. Charlie and I couldn't help ourselves, we laughed. We were still laughing when Kim got up and had gravel on her face. She was fine, but her pride was hurt.

9. I laugh at myself when I fall down too. And I am the most clumsy person, especially when pregnant. I fell down the stairs when I was pregnant with Nathan. Rich heard me scream and the big boom I made. When he saw me at the bottom of the stairs, he asked me if I was okay. I was laughing and crying. He saw me laughing and just walked away. LOL!

10. I love grocery shopping. I know that's weird to some people, but I do enjoy it. I will walk up and down every aisle even if there isn't anything in that aisle that I have on my list. I just love seeing all the new stuff. When I was a little girl I loved looking at the sales papers and my eyes always went to the grocery ads. I would look through the whole advertisement and pick out things I thought were neat and make up a grocery list based on those items. LOL! I was a strange kid!

11. I hate confrontation.

12. I hate pets. And yet, we have a dog, a cat and fish. I am allergic to the cat. I'm okay with having them as long as I don't have to take care of them. So the kids and Rich do all the work with the animals.

13. I have a thing for older men. I have crushes on older celebrity men, like Harrison Ford, Sean Connery and Anthony Hopkins. Men that could pass as my father or grandfather. I don't care how old Sean or Harrison get, they are HOT! Rich already has that salt and pepper hair and I'm drooling over it. I just think it makes him look distinguished or something.

Those are the fun and quirky things about me. If you wanna play along, leave a comment to let me know.
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