Friday, August 15, 2008

Dear Highlights,

My name is Sarah and I have a twin brother. This is the first year we are going to be separated in school. What should I do?


**Sarah has been sending pictures that she drew into Highlights magazine (for kids) hoping to be published. She sent out two today, and had a third envelope waiting for a stamp from Dad laying on the counter. Amanda thought it was another picture and wanted to see it so she opened it and found Sarah's letter. Needless to say Sarah was quite mad at Amanda for reading her mail. Amanda felt bad and said she was sorry. Then I asked Amanda what it said and she told me. Awwww, I feel sad for Sarah and Zachary, because I remember being separated in school from my twin brother too. It was hard, but we survived it and I'm hoping my twins will too. If you think about it, even if you are busy with your own children that day, could you say a prayer or two for Sarah and Zach the first day of school? Thanks**
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