Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday Toot

I joined a mom bloggers group and one of the activities or ideas to help build up your blog is Toot For Tuesday. I added the text below, so you can see the idea behind it. I really think this is a great idea. I often have a hard time thinking of good things I do. I can tell you a million and one bad things, but very few good ones. So I think this will be hard for me to follow through on, but also a perfect way to look back at all the good things I've done.

This Meme will be every Tuesday and the idea behind it would be that you get to “Toot Your Own Horn”.

What does that mean?
Well, it means every Tuesday, you get to post an accomplishment that you have done. As moms sometimes, we are quick in praising our kids and others about their accomplishments but we are “shy” when it comes to our achievements so … here is your chance.

What if you have no accomplishments?
Impossible! Moms have lots of accomplishments - whether big or small - we’ll take them. Still can’t think of any for the week’s post … no worries, tell us about somebody else’s accomplishment - your kids’ , husbands, pet’s, friend’s - we have to celebrate something right?

Let’s CELEBRATE our achievements together - what better way then by “Tooting out Own Horn”. Let us let the whole world know - that we are proud of our accomplishments!


My Toot For Tuesday is the fact that I went willingly with my husband to his doctor appointment. I didn't bitch, not even once. That was very hard for me! I hate long car rides (this was an hour), I really wanted to sleep in (I worked 2-10 shift the night before) and I generally wanted to be lazy today. But I got up and got dressed and went. And I actually had a really nice time. I took a book I've been trying to read for weeks so that kept me entertained. And afterwards, we stopped to eat. We went to Red Robin (never been there before) and had lunch. Our anniversary is on Friday so it was our anniversary celebration dinner, well lunch. And I got to drink. I'm not a drinker (not since my wild crazy college days), the last time I drank was at Nathan's first birthday bbq party (two years ago). So one drink did me in, LOL!! I didn't even realize I was drunk until an hour later, when I was laughing uncontrollably at really stupid stuff.

I'll blame it on the rummmmm!

Anyway, Rich treated me like a real lady and opened doors for me and everything (hasn't done that since our wedding day, LOL!). He told me I looked pretty, even though he teased me about my age. LOL! I had a really good day!! And I'm glad I tagged along.
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