Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I forgot how expensive the band was

Amanda and Anthony are both in the school band. Amanda plays the drums (snare) and Anthony plays the saxophone. So that's two times everything. First it was band camp, $50 a pop (I have yet to pay). And now it's shoes (special marching shoes) which is $62 total for the both of them. I have no idea what I'll be paying for next. What's bad about it is, the kids wait until the last minute to tell me. Like I'm going to go outside and pull money off a tree and hand it to them. When I ask them why they do that, they always say we told you and you didn't listen. Umm, I think if someone told me I'd need to hand over an arm or leg to pay for something, I'd listen. I don't even think it's the kids, I think the band is waiting until the last minute to tell them.

Then, there is all the volunteering parents have to do. You HAVE to volunteer. But when you do, they give your child/ren credit to add to their accounts. Which is usually $5. That's it? That's what my time is worth? Uh, you try volunteering and finding time when you have six kids and work part time. There is also fundraising to do. The very thing they are selling this year, is the same thing that the employees at work are selling for their Christmas party. So I can't even take the papers to work. I told Amanda and Anthony they are going to have to try and sell to our neighbors. Every thing they sell, a percentage gets added to their account. Which is what they use to pay for things, so they don't hit you up for money every freakin' day. So you HAVE to sell, to build your account.

It's a never ending process, it feels like. No wonder my mother always complained about it! And I still haven't done any school shopping yet....
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