Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A few updates....

Rich had a doctor appointment today in Pittsburgh. He got some news that he's been mulling over and will continue to think and second guess until the day of the procedure. I'm sure I've gone over how he got hurt, and how his back and leg have been before so I won't go over that again.

He's been getting epidural shots in his back to help with the pain. The last time, the doctor injected the shots into his leg, to help with that pain. Rich has always said, I can live with the pain in my leg, but I can't live with my back killing me. He felt that the shots did help with the leg pain, but now his back was hurting worse. This new doctor has been trying out new medicines to see which one will work for Rich. This time, he prescribed a pain patch. The patch will last three days and then he will have to put on a new one. He's a little bit worried about it, but he's willing to give it a try. The doctor also set Rich up for a nerve block (which Rich really doesn't like doing, but he felt he would try it again). The doctor said that if the nerve block worked then there was a procedure that he can do that will or should take away the pain in his back for good.

Rich would still have the leg pain and numbness. Apparently the doctor will cut a nerve that is being pinched or whatever in his back and hopefully that would take care of it. Even though it is an in-office procedure, Rich isn't sure if he should do it. He's already had three surgeries on his back and I think he is nervous to have any more work done. I also think he may be leary of the fact that it might not work. So if you think about him, say a little prayer that God will help him decide and make the right decision. And if he chooses it, to help ease the stress of another procedure. I know that has to be scary to him (even though he probably wouldn't admit it to me).

I also have an update on Nathan's hip and leg pain. I took him back to the doctor for a re-check appointment last friday. The doctor checked Nathan and had him walk down the hallway and run back up. When Nathan didn't want to run back, the doctor ran with him. It was pretty funny! I really like this doctor and his partners. They all are so nice and so willing to help and very informative.

So anyway, Nathan started running around and acting normally after his first doctor appointment and I thought maybe he played me, you know. Can a three year old play his parents? I don't know!

The doctor said it was probably the transcient synovitis. He also said that he hadn't seen a case like Nathan's for over six months, but the day after I had Nathan in the office two or three other kids had the same thing. So it was definately a viral bug that caused it. Kind of makes me feel bad, because I hadn't even noticed that he didn't feel well, before it happened.

He did say that if it happened again, it could lead to something more serious. But for now, Nathan is fine. So if you read this, continue to think good thoughts and say some prayers that God will continue to hold our family in his care!!
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