Thursday, August 14, 2008

Feeling Sentimental

On Friday, Rich and I will be celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary. We actually ate lunch out the other day. So we'll probably do the card thing (maybe gifts too, I don't know - we don't need much to make us happy) on Friday. As an added bonus, Rich fixed the printer/scanner for me. It's been broken for months and the other day I made a comment in passing about how I wanted to scan some of our wedding pictures and put them on the computer, so I was disappointed that the scanner was broke. Today, I noticed that it was working. So I went ahead and scanned some of the pictures and I later asked him if he fixed it for me. And he said yes.

Its the simple things that he does for me that makes me so happy. I only have to say something once and he never forgets. He is an awesome hubby!! And since I've been feeling sentimental as usual when it comes to these things, I'm going to be posting some pictures and maybe a story or two. So get ready for wedding picture overload!! I can't believe its been 16 years, feels just like yesterday......

A little story behind the cake. While we were cutting it, Rich's neice decided to jump in the pictures. She was being a real ham that day, posing anytime a camera was nearby. So why should the cake be any different. Of course, everyone thought it was cute at the time, but now I have wedding pictures of our neice with us.

We cut the cake and we were going to be nice and feed each other the cake, but I decided it would be more fun to smash it in his face. Which ensued the cake fight, of course I lost. In the end, my veil came out of its pins and we both had cake shoved up our noses. But it was fun!
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